Our Vision

Farmers are the cornerstone of society, but as modern culture has evolved our interest in this ancient occupation has waned. Agricultural practices are no longer at the forefront of our minds, as we have unfettered access to a variety of produce, meats and seafood in our supermarkets year around. Food and eating are one of our foundational connecting points to each other and to the Earth. Therefore, we believe it is important to understand the people, places and processes where our food begins. Picked To Plate was founded on the principle of providing a space that explores these topics to help demystify farming and food production. Our small hope is that these stories inspire action of your own – whether it is starting your own herb garden or shopping at a local farmer’s market.

Join us as we explore the stories of what gets picked for your plate!


A lover of food and story-telling. Managing Partner at @JekyllWorks

Natalie Cisneros


Writer of food and travel on @grativacation, and elsewhere on the Internet.

Jenna Broughton

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